McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.

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We often receive information from other local clubs or the Potomac Valley Association, which is our regional branch of the USATF organization through which our athletes participate in the Junior Olympics.  Below you'll find various postings and flyers for other club events.  PLEASE NOTE:  MYTF provides this information to its participants and other viewers of this website SOLELY for informational purposes.  Posting of notices on this site does NOT constitute an endorsement of the organization or its event by MYTF!  With the exception of the Junior Olympics-specific events, if you are interested in participating in any of these events, you must contact the event coordinator directly, NOT MYTF.  Please note that many of these conflict with our own MYTF events; we post them for those whose Group may not be running on a given weekend, for siblings, and for those who were unable to register for MYTF this season.



We have received the following information from the Potomac Valley Association (our governing USATF organization) regarding indoor meets.  We will update the site as we get additional details, but we encourage you to visit the PVA site if you are interested in any of these events.

The registration form and information is available as a .pdf file by clicking here.

Date                                        Meet                                       Location

2/12/17                                  Youth Open**                             PG Sports & Learning

2/25/17                                  PVA 14 & Under                           PG Sports & Learning

3/4/17                                    Youth Invitational***                   PG Sports & Learning


**Breast cancer awareness

***Open to any athlete whose 19th birthday is after July 31, 2017