McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.

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Spring 2017 Schedule


The schedule is now SET, with the possible exception of moving our final (Family Fun) Meet to May 21st, pending the scheduling of the Junior Olympic preliminary Meet.

This season, all of our Track & Field Meets will be held at Falls Church High School.

All practice sessions will be at Cooper Middle School in McLean.

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All Track & Field Meets are held Sunday afternoon at Falls Church High School (FCHS).  With the exception of the Orientation Meet and the Family Fun Meet, meets are split into age groups (*tentatively,* they will be 5-8 year olds and 9-14 year olds).  Athletes may only compete with their own age group.

A few important notes:  

  • The times provided are TENTATIVE.  Our experience is that the younger group, especially in the first few weeks, takes a bit longer to complete its Meet events; that is why on those days when the younger group goes first, we list the older kids' Meet as beginning at 3:30.  IF, however, we find that the younger group attendance or performance is such that we can complete the events in two hours, we will move the older group's start time up to 3:00 for subsequent Meets.
  • Likewise, the older groups often need two hours or less, so when they begin at 1:00 pm, the younger kids should be able to report at 3:00 pm and begin warmups, allowing them a little more time to complete their events.
  • We do not run a Meet on Memorial Day Weekend; we do typically run a Meet on Mother's Day.  While we absolutely understand if some families are not able to attend, we do try to do something special for all the moms (and grandmothers, and aunts, and guardians, and dads-who-serve-both-roles-in-their-families, etc.) who are able to attend that day.
  • The exact timing of the Trophy Mile Meet is yet to be determined; it may be April 30th, or it may be May 7th.  We will make that announcement once the season begins.  On Trophy Mile Day, we only run the 100M and Mile events, and every athlete is encouraged to try running the Mile (yes, even the 5-year-olds!).  
  • The Family Fun Meet will be our final Meet of the season.  While we have scheduled the facility space through June 4th, we have found over the last several seasons that the local USATF affiliate has been starting the Junior Olympics qualifying events on the same weekend as our last Meet.  Because we typically have around two dozen athletes who choose to compete in JO in the Spring, and because we do not know the JO schedule until mid-to-late April, we reserve the right to move the Family Fun Meet to May 21st, and conclude the season at that time.  We provide that notice up front so that everyone understands that while we try to provide as many opportunities as possible for all the children in the program to participate in Meets, there are some limitations and some things that are outside our control.  We don't like that our JO athletes always have to miss out on our fun final event, and we do also send coaches to support our athletes during the JO events, which means they too miss out.  We feel that seven (7) Meets and all the practice sessions is still a pretty good deal for the $60 registration fee, and we will absolutely let you know as soon as we are able to make a decision about the final Meet, so please bear with us.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

**PLEASE NOTE that there are NO Meets April 9th or 16th due to FCPS Spring Break, or May 28th due to the Memorial Day weekend.**

Children are free to pick and participate in as many track and field events as they want at each Meet, but we recommend no more than three Track events, both to help avoid fatigue (or outright overdoing it), and to help keep things moving.

Each meet includes a selection of four of these track events: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600M (Mile), racewalk.

Each meet includes all of the following field events: TurboJav, Long Jump, High Jump*. *High Jump is only offered for the 9-14 age group, for safety reasons.

Children get 1 attempt for each track event and 3 attempts for each field event.  Children are free to leave once their chosen events are completed.  Ribbons and results are provided at the following meet.


First practice of the season will be Tuesday, March 21st.  All practices this season will be held at Cooper Middle School in McLean.


TENTATIVELY, the practice schedule will be as follows.  PLEASE understand that we may shift the age groups if we have unusally high numbers in any one age group that make this particular arrangement untenable.  We will update this page (and email everyone on the roster) with final information BEFORE the season begins.



5:00-6:00 pm

6:00-7:00 pm


5-8 yr olds

9-14 yr olds


9-14 yr olds

5-8 yr olds


5-8 yr olds

9-14 yr olds


  • Children must practice with their MYTF-age group (as assigned on the first day of the season).  We understand this policy is inconvenient for families with kids in multiple age groups, but is necessary due to our County field use permit and the fact that the athletes get the greatest benefits from training with their peer group. 
  • Children MUST have a designated adult (other than the coaches!) present AT. ALL. TIMES.  We absolutely require parent supervision, because of the volume of children at each event, and the ever-evolving nature of weather conditions and other factors.  You may absolutely carpool and designate one adult for several children, as long as the children know who their designated adult is, and as long as the remaining adult is able to take ALL children in his or her care home if practice would suddenly need to be canceled for weather or other reasons.  Especially in the Spring, sudden thunderstorms do crop up, so there MUST be an adult, WITH TRANSPORTATION, on site and ready to help a child who needs medical attention, or should the practice be interrupted and end early.
  • Parking at Cooper Middle School is considerably better than at Churchill, where we've practiced in the past, but carpooling is always encouraged. There are many spaces by the tennis courts, closest to the track and practice field, but there are also spaces at the front of the school, if need be.  PLEASE be respectful of the school property, and park only in designated parking spaces, not on fields, or in bus or fire lanes.


PLEASE NOTE:  Children may attend as many (or as few) practices as they want or are able. Practice attendance is not necessary to participate in meets. These are the available OPTIONS for each child to practice.  MYTF does NOT expect every child to attend every practice for their age group.  Our expectation is that *most* families will choose one or two practices to attend each week.  MYTF policy is that practices are encouraged but not mandatory.  Some families will attend Meets only due to their schedules, others will attend only practices; most will fall somewhere in between.