McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.

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Fall 2018 Season Welcome

Welcome to the Fall 2018 season of McLean Youth Track & Field!  It’s hard to think about Fall sports while we’re still enjoying the summer vacation, but the calendar says we have less than eight weeks to go, so we need to get some key info out for everyone’s planning purposes:

We’ll be one big family this Fall

Those of you who were with us this past Spring know that we used a two-Group system to accommodate everyone into our expanded program.  Our Fall registration was smaller though (which is typical), so we’re going back to a single program for this season – one set of practices in a single location, and one Meet each Sunday.  Exact details will be forthcoming as we are still confirming the facility space details with the County, but we’ll publish them as soon as we have them settled.  We do know the practice schedule is expected to be the same as previous seasons (see our "Schedule" page under "Practices" for the table of practice times by age group), and that our Meets will all be on Sunday afternoons.  

Big news - big opportunity:  new Director needed!

With a bit of sadness (and a bit of urgency), we announce the pending “retirement” of our current Director, Mickey Skelton.  This Fall season will be her fifth season as Director, and her last, as a variety of personal and family issues necessitate her stepping down.  After more than six years in the program as a parent, Administrator, and Director, Mickey is going to return to being “just a regular parent” in the stands on Sundays, and we wish her well as she moves to the next chapter in her story.

We will absolutely need someone (or two people!) to step up to fill the Director’s role beginning with the Spring season!  Ideally, we would love to identify a new Director (or co-Directors) early this Fall so that they can “shadow” the role during an active season.  If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact us at for more information.  The official job posting is also available below. 


We will have more information for you as we get closer to the season, and all updates will be posted to the website, on the front page, News page, Schedule page, and/or calendar. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this Fall, and hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

The MYTF Team


JOB POSTING:  DIRECTOR, McLean Youth Track & Field, begining with the Spring 2019 season

The leadership of MYTF is divided into two main roles:  Director and Head Coach(es).  While the Head Coach or Coaches are responsible for the season in terms of leading practices and Meets and the content of those events, the Director is responsible for the administration of the overarching program, including strategic planning, financial management, program development, outreach, communication, and policy.  The Director works in close coordination with the Head Coach(es), as well as an Advisory Board composed of current and former program parents and former Head Coaches, to set the program’s direction and manage its day-to-day operations.

Regular activities and tasks are numerous and varied; many can be delegated to volunteers, but those critical for the Director to personally oversee include:

  • Guiding the overall program direction, including long-term planning, expansion, fees, and coordination with McLean Youth Athletics (MYTF’s ownership body) and MYTF’s Board of Advisors;
  • Developing, managing, and reporting on the annual and seasonal budgets;
  • Maintaining a relationship with the County offices that govern facility scheduling, athletic policy, and philanthropy, as well as other programs and external entities as needed;
  • Working with the Head Coach(es) to ensure seasonal plans and event operation are consistent with program philosophy, and that policies – particularly those regarding the safety and security of the children in the program – are observed, and are also re-evaluated and revised as needed.

Additional tasks that may be performed by the Director or delegated include (but are not limited to) setting up, overseeing, and troubleshooting the seasonal Registration process; management of incoming email correspondence; weekly email communications to the participants throughout the season; ordering and management of supplies; ensuring all weekly Meet supplies get to and from Meets; administrative management at Meets, including distribution of ribbons, handling of supplies, support of Head Coaches, etc; weekly recording of Meet results and converting to ribbon labels; establishing sponsorship levels, soliciting and securing sponsors; and completing facilities requests through the County’s AFAR system, in coordination with County representatives.

There is considerable room for a Director to shape the role to his or her vision and skillset, but fundamental requirements would include:

  • Extensive organizational skills, capable of overseeing and coordinating the program and its daily activities from top-to-bottom; 
  • Relationship building and management, both within and outside the program; and
  • Basic financial management skills, including familiarity with Microsoft Excel, budgeting, and online banking.

A working knowledge of the sports of Track & Field and Cross-Country and/or of youth sports program management would be helpful but is by no means required.  This job primarily requires someone who can stay on top of myriad details; communicate clearly to the hundreds of families in the program as well as to prospective families, MYA, County representatives, sponsors, vendors, etc; and be available, particularly on Sundays for Meets, to help personally oversee events and ensure that operations are consistent with policy - and that policy is constantly evaluated and revised based on operational needs.

MYTF is a primarily volunteer-led organization, but the Director and Head Coach positions do now each receive a small stipend each season, subject to income taxes as a 1099 contractor role.  The current seasonal stipend for the Director role is $2000.