McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.

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The Fall 2017 Season Newsletter is now available!  We will have print copies available at practices and Meets that you can hang on the fridge, but please feel free to peruse this advance copy in .pdf.  A special thank you to Island Children's Dentistry and Adaptable Minds for their newsletter sponsorship! Fall 2017 Orientation Flyer v2.pdf


MYTF Families,

One of the primary reasons we are able to keep registration costs affordable for our families is that there are no paid staff members - MYTF is an all-volunteer organization.  But that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of jobs to do, and we need your help to get them all done!

Specifically, as we grow (and as people leave the program for various reasons - job transfers, kids age out, etc.), we have roles to fill to keep MYTF running smoothly and to be able to continue providing the quality experience we aim to give the kids every season.  While we have many opportunities for ad-hoc help each week with practices and Meets, we do need some folks who are willing and able to commit to season-long or even multi-season roles.  

We have four critical needs for the Fall (and additional one for next Spring) - which means we really need to start identifying these folks NOW so that the planning can begin before everyone disappears for summer vacation.  MYTF needs the following people to be able to continue operating at our current rate, and with the planned growth for Spring 2018 (descriptions of each are below the email signature):

  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Head Coach (for Fall ’17) and 2nd Head Coach for Spring 2018
  • Head Timer(s)
  • Newsletter Coordinator

Just this morning, I met with the County facilities schedulers, and was assured that we would be able to get all the facility space we need to grow to 500 participants, so now the only thing that would keep us from growing is not having enough help.  Please reflect on your family's MYTF experiences to-date, and think about whether you might be able to fill one of these roles in the future.  The only real qualification is commitment; we provide all the supplies, and have plenty of previous volunteers who can help bring you up to speed.  As an added incentive, beginning next season, we will offer one free MYTF registration for each person filling one of these roles, as well as for our existing Head Coach and Email Administrator.  

Please help us meet our needs to grow the program so that we can accommodate all children who want to participate, and never again have to see a 78-person waiting list.  And thank you to all of our current volunteers for all of your contributions so far this season!

Mickey Skelton

MYTF Director


Assistant Director

We need someone to help coordinate and oversee the program from season to season, especially in light of the expected growth next year.  Ideally (but not necessarily!), this would be someone who might be interested in taking on the Directorship within a year or so.  There are numerous responsibilities in the Director’s bucket, and much flexibility with how those might be shared with an Assistant Director, but at the very least, responsibilities will most likely include:

  • Oversight of Meet administration – coordinating administrative volunteers; ensuring that Head Coaches have everything they need; serving in an “omnibus” role for troubleshooting and fielding program questions, enforcing permit restrictions, etc. at Meets;
  • Post-Meet administration, including results and ribbons preparation, and messaging;
  • Pre-season planning, particularly for administering two full programs next Spring – including budgeting, logistics, purchasing, and coordinating with the Director, Head Coach(es), and Board of Advisors; and
  • Program outreach in conjunction with the Director, including working with McLean Youth Athletics, the County’s NCS office for facilities planning, and other track and field/cross-country programs, as warranted.


Assistant Head Coach (for Fall ’17) and 2nd Head Coach for Spring 2018

Our long-term plan is to divide into two groups next Spring, which will require two Head Coaches – one for each group.  In the meantime, we’d like to help ease Adam’s load by adding an Assistant Head Coach for the Fall – ideally, this might be someone who’d be interested in being that second Head Coach, but would like to “ease” into it by helping with the Head Coaching responsibilities in the Fall season first.  We will, of course, absolutely consider the two positions separately, so if you are only interested in being the Assistant Head Coach, or can only commit for the Fall, please just let us know that.  We will likely need Assistant Head Coaches even once we divide the program, and we will definitely need a second Head Coach regardless of whether that person has served as an Assistant first.

Responsibilities will primarily include (in coordination with the Head Coach for the Assistant role):

  • volunteer coach coordination – making sure practices and Meets have adequate coaching support;
  • practice plan development for the season for use across the program;
  • Meet setup & preparation – identifying events and event order for each Meet; ensuring all necessary equipment gets to the Meet site; moving equipment into place on the track/field;
  • Meet supervision (also known as “Show Running”) – making sure the Meet is flowing smoothly and running on time, issuing first/second/final calls, and generally keeping everything in order; and
  • Next season planning in terms of events to add/change/drop, equipment needs/replacements required, and practice/Meet format changes.


Head Timer(s)

As you all know, Tom will be leaving us this season for his next professional assignment, and we will need some replacement volunteers.  We have one candidate who is willing to take on Head Timing for the older group (9 & ups), but still need someone for the younger group (or someone willing to take on both, with support from the other volunteer as needed).  But again, next Spring, we will actually need a second set of Head Timers for our second group, so please consider whether you might be willing to help with that next year, and therefore whether you might want to “train” with our Head Timer(s) this Spring or in the Fall season.

Responsibilities will include:

  • supervising/running the timing process at Meets throughout the season;
  • coordinating volunteer timers at each Meet;
  • recording results/coordinating with the Director or Results Admin to get all information uploaded/entered for records, ribbons; 
  • managing the timing equipment – keeping an eye on supplies, coordinating with Director for necessary purchases, understanding equipment instructions and backup timing processes. 


Newsletter Coordinator

Our “newsletter” style information sheet was well-received this year, so it’s something we’d like to continue producing – but we’re going to need help to do it every season.  Surely someone out there thinks they can do a better job! :)  Fortunately, most content already exists (although it may need editing/re-purposing) or is easily created from a variety of sources, but we need someone willing to do the layout and production.  Ideally, we would also like to expand to include advertisements next year to help defray the cost of printing, so the Newsletter Coordinator would also be responsible for developing a budget/advertising cost structure, soliciting ads, and integrating them into the newsletter.