McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.

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  • MYTF Spring 2018 Registration is now OPEN.  Registration will CLOSE on Sunday, February 4th at midnight!
Welcome to MYTF's home on the web!

McLean Youth Track and Field is an all-volunteer organization that provides opportunities for Northern Virginia kids ages 5 through 8th grade (13/14) to develop skills competing in track, field, and cross-country running.  Our aim is to help our kids develop a love for running, the respect of sportsmanship, and an appreciation for the sport. We focus on "house" events and encourage all of our athletes to strive for personal improvement. 

MYTF is a diverse, inclusive program for all children in Northern Virginia, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender identification, ability (mental or physical), religion, national origin, financial circumstance, or sexual orientation.  MYTF athletes compete according to the gender which with they identify, may use physical adaptive equipment not otherwise prohibited by the facility, and may wear (properly secured) garments consistent with their religious observances.  We welcome ALL children and their families, and we cheer for everyone!


***SPRING 2018 SEASON REGISTRATION WILL OPEN on SATURDAY, JANUARY **20th**, 2018 at 9:00 am ***

Due to the MLK holiday weekend and some internal scheduling issues, we had to move Registration back one week. We thank you for your understanding!

Please email us at to be added for future season registration announcements.



1.  Registration fees for this season will be the same as the Spring 2017 season ($60 for the first child registered, and $40 for all siblings), however, this season we will be asking that out-of-County residents make an additional donation of $15 with their registration fees.  The County charges MYTF $30 for each out-of-County resident participant; to date, we have not passed these fees on to participants, but unfortunately with our low program fees (read: small budget) and ever-increasing numbers of non-resident participants, that cost is becoming untenable for MYTF to sustain.  BUT, we do value our out-of-County families, so are approaching this as an on-your-honor donation.  If you reside outside the FCPS boundary, including certain areas of Alexandria, Chantilly, the City of Falls Church, or Greenway, we ask that you please consider making this donation (per registrant) using the Donation link in the forms portion of the registration prompts.  (If you aren’t sure if you qualify, you can use the FCPS boundary locator tool to verify County residency:

2.  Per our recent email regarding our new structure for the Spring:  so that we can accommodate as many children as possible into the program while still being manageable, we will be dividing participants into two identical Groups – “MYTF Red” and “MYTF Blue” (based on our team colors - no politics here!).  The Groups will operate identically, and each will have time at each of our two practice facilities, and will have opportunities for both morning and afternoon Meets.*  UPDATED:  To clarify based on a question we received: each Group will also have BOTH age divisions.  This will be as if we have MYTF 1 and MYTF 2; we've only had MYTF 1 in the past, now we'll have MYTF 2, each with 5-8 and 9&up age divisions for the purposes of both practices and Meets.

Please understand that we cannot honor requests for afternoon Meets only as that is virtually everyone’s preference, and the fact that we cannot accommodate everyone in a single afternoon Meet is why we had to split in the first place!  We understand that it may mean some families may choose not to participate in MYTF this season; it is disappointing, but this is the only option we have, given the facilities available to us and the high demand for the program.  Next season, we expect to have two facilities available on Sunday afternoons so that no morning Meets will be necessary, but that is just not possible this season.

As you're considering whether you can make MYTF work for your family this Spring, please remember that from MYTF’s perspective, attendance is never mandatory, so families are welcome to join and simply opt not to attend their assigned morning Meets.  However, the cost of the program remains the same, and attendance is at each family’s discretion, as it always has been.  We have many families that do not participate in Meets altogether because of Sunday religious observances, and others who are not able to attend practices due to other activities and therefore only attend Meets.  At $60 per child ($40 for siblings), we feel this is still an extremely good value for participating families, and frankly, the costs to the program (supplies, County fees, etc.) remain the same regardless of how many events each child attends.

In terms of how children will be divided into the Groups, the process will be essentially random, but with some attention paid to and shifting based on the following:

  • We will keep families together so that all children from a family who are registered will be in one group or the other (i.e., we will not divide a family such that one child is in “Red” and the other “Blue”) unless the family specifically requests otherwise.
  • We need to balance ages, so that we don’t end up with all 10-year-olds in one program, and all 5-year-olds in the other.
  • We will not necessarily put all children from a particular school together in a single program.  That is in part because one of the great things about MYTF is getting to meet kids from all over Northern Virginia!  But it is also because of the other things we have to balance, and having families with multiple children in the program who attend different schools.  We will, however, try to not to create a situation in which any child is the only child from their specific school in their Group (unless they are the only child from their school who is registered), as long as the “school” box is completed during registration. 
  • On the registration form, we have added a text box to permit ONE request (per registrant) to be put together with a registered friend.  Please note that we CANNOT guarantee that all requests will be honored, but we will make reasonable attempts to place children according to those requests.

Ultimately, placements will be determined by the need to balance ages, keep families together, and have two relatively even-numbered and geographically-equivalent groups.  Please keep in mind that this is a first for us as well, and we will undoubtedly be making adjustments as we go, so please be patient and flexible with regard to these assignments.



Registration opens precisely (we hope) at 9:00 am on Saturday morning, January 20th, 2018.  You will not see the Registration button or menu on our website prior to that time, but please be assured that it will appear at 9:00 am once the system opens (in our experience, the system time is not "Verizon time," so it may be 9:02 until you see the appropriate buttons...).  We have had some technological issues in the past where it hasn’t switched on as planned; please know that if/when that happens, we are in a mad scramble to get it fixed as quickly as possible, and we usually have it corrected within 5-10 minutes, so please be patient and keep refreshing your page every few minutes.   

Regardless of whether or not we are full, Registration will close on Sunday, February 4th, at 11:59 pm.  Because of the need to establish the rosters for the County, to order supplies, prepare materials for the season, and especially due to the new structure this season wherein which we need to place families in one of two programs, MYTF does NOT accept late registrations.  If you cannot be available any time in the two-week window to register, PLEASE make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to do so on your behalf.

Because of our newly-expanded program, we are not expecting to need to waitlist anyone; we believe we have enough capacity to accommodate all children who register during the window.  In the unlikely event that we do fill up before the 4th, we will keep a waitlist, but cannot guarantee a spot will open up.  Waitlisted participants will be informed no later than Friday, March 30th, if they have been moved to a rostered position, so that we can submit a final roster to the County prior to starting the season, which begins with practices on April 3rd. We will not make any additions to the roster after Friday, March 30th, 2018.


  • Once Registration is live, you will see both a “Register NOW” button and a lefthand-side Menu option for a “Registration” page on the main homepage for  Click either to get to the Registration page.
  • If you already have an account with MYTF, you’ll use that same login and password.  If you have a child in another McLean Youth Athletics sport that also uses the League Athletics website (including basketball, volleyball, rugby, and in previous seasons, flag football), it is the SAME login and password.  If you do not remember your password, you can request a reset (it is automated, and should occur within a few minutes).  If you do not remember your login, please email   to request a full reset of your account, but please know that it may take several minutes (or more!) to process.
  • If you do NOT already have an account, it only takes a quick minute to sign up, so please don’t be panicked that it will somehow slow down your registration such that you miss out on getting a space.  Unfortunately, you cannot create an account on the site UNTIL Registration goes live, but again, it is a very quick and simple process.
  • Registration is open to children who are will be at least 5 years old as of April 3rd, 2018 (i.e., the start of our season) and no older than age 14/in 8th grade this year.  Birthdates MUST be between October 29, 2003 and April 3rd, 2013, and be 8th grade or below.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please register ALL siblings who intend to participate in MYTF.  ONLY registered, rostered athletes are allowed on the Track or Field during the season at both practices and Meets, and we cannot make accommodations to add siblings after registration is full or closed, so please register all your kids at once if more than one will be interested in running this season.
  • NEW:  If you would like us to consider a request to be placed in a Group with a specific registered friend, you will have the opportunity to do so via a text box on the [page].
  • You MUST pay registration fees electronically by credit card (i.e., no checks), and it is preferred that you pay at the time of registration.  Due to the high demand for space on our roster in past seasons, MYTF policy is that if you have registered but not paid within 72 hours, you will be notified and given 24 additional hours to pay, after which point any unpaid registrations will be deleted from the system.


  • If we do fill all spaces prior to the close of registration and you are waitlisted:  you do NOT have to pay registration fees until or unless you are moved to a rostered position (i.e., taken off the waitlist). Once you are notified that you have been moved from the waitlist to the roster, you will have 48 hours to pay the registration fees, after which point any unpaid registrations are forfeited and we will move to the next child(ren) on the waitlist.
  • Refund requests MUST be made prior to the closing of registration on February 4th, 2018.  You may decide to withdraw your child(ren) from MYTF for any reason at any point during the season, but registration fees will not be refunded unless the withdrawal request is made prior to midnight on Sunday, February 4thRefund requests MUST be emailed to  ; please include "refund request" in the subject line.  We will not honor any refund requests made after February 4th, although you are certainly able to withdraw at any time during the season.  This is in keeping with most other area sports leagues’ policies.  Due to the rush of activity in preparing for the season, we will not process refund requests until the season is underway, but as long as your request is made prior to the deadline, you should expect to see the fees refunded to your credit card by the end of September.
  • There are NO late registrations (NO exceptions!), so if you will be out of town or otherwise unable to register during the two-week open window, PLEASE make arrangements with a neighbor or friend to do registration for you.  Please make sure that anyone doing registration has your child(ren)’s full name and correct birthdate, and parent contact info available.
  • Finally, please understand that while we do monitor Registration live, there is usually ONE person handling ALL troubleshooting, so please be patient as we handle the multitude of questions and snafus that need to be worked through come 9:00 am.  We will get to you, we will do it as quickly as we can, we have never sold out in the first hour so you’re probably going to be fine, and if not, we will most likely make an accommodation for you if we can’t fix you immediately, so please don’t panic.  ;)


As always, PLEASE feel free to email us here at   (or using the contact link on our website,  We are happy to answer whatever we can!  We will also continue to provide updates about the season and schedule as we are able, and we make every effort to make that information available through both email and the website, now and throughout the season.

Thank you for patiently wading through all of that information, and we are genuinely excited to see everyone for the Spring 2018 season!




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