McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.
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  • Fall 2015 Registration is now CLOSED.  MYTF does not accept late registrations.  Please see our "Other Meets/Clubs" page for other local, non-MYTF events open to public participation.
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McLean Youth Track and Field is an all-volunteer organization that provides opportunities for Northern Virginia kids ages 5 through 8th grade (13/14) to develop skills competing in track, field, and cross-country running.  Our aim is to help our kids develop a love for running, the respect of sportsmanship, and an appreciation for the sport. We focus on "house" events and encourage all of our athletes to strive for personal improvement. 


Fall 2015 Registration is now CLOSED.  For many reasons, MYTF does NOT accept late registrations.  Please feel free to peruse our "Other Meets/Clubs" page for other local, non-MYTF events that are open to public participation.  We update that page throughout the season as we become aware of other running events in the area.


For our registered participants:


We have been given Churchill Elementary School for THREE days this season!  We have considered feedback from coaches, the continued interest in growing the program, and the desire to provide as much flexibility as possible for families while maintaining our collective sanity here at headquarters in establishing this year's practice system.  We know it won't be 100% perfect for everyone, but trust us when we say it is the best option among many, many permutations we considered.  

We will be dividing into only TWO age groups for practice this year, aligned with the way we split our Track & Field Meets:  5- to 8-year-olds, and 9-year-olds up to our oldest kids in 8th grade/age 14.  The 5-8 year-old group will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00, and Wednesdays at 6:00; the 9 & ups will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00, and Wednesdays at 5:00.  PLEASE NOTE:  These are the available OPTIONS for each child to practice.  MYTF does NOT expect every child to attend every practice for their age group - in fact, we're kinda hoping that doesn't happen, because that's a bit more than the coaches can handle!  Our expectation is that *most* families will choose one or two practices to attend each week, and only a handful of our most avid runners will attend all three sessions.  MYTF policy is that practices are encouraged but not mandatory.  Some families will attend only Meets due to their schedules, others will attend only practices; most will fall somewhere in between.

So, the options look like this (and it's reprinted under the "Schedule" tab):

                           5:00            6:00 

Tuesday              5-8            9 & up

Wednesday         9 & up        5-8

Thursday             5-8            9 & up

But here is the big change from previous seasons, for you MYTF veterans:  we will NOT be allowing children to switch practice groups, whether due to scheduling conflicts, keeping siblings together, or any other reason.*  In other words, children MUST practice with their own age group, as assigned based on their age on the first day of the season.  They are, however, welcome to attend as many or as few practices (with their age group) as they choose.  (*The only exception is for coaches:  if you are willing to commit to being an assistant coach for the season, all of your MYTF-registered children may participate in whatever practice session you are leading.)

Yes, we can already hear the groaning from the families with children in multiple age groups, and we are sensitive to the challenges this creates for those families.  However, switching practices has become an increasingly complex issue for us as the County is now requiring us to submit rosters for practices.  Last season, we tried doing switches formally at the beginning of the season so that we could in fact have honest rosters, but it was a bit of an administrative nightmare, and frankly resulted in wider age spans in each practice session than we really wanted.  So, while we know it's not ideal, we are hoping that the fact(s) that each group has a practice option each day, each group has both early and late options, and practices are encouraged but not required, will help soften the blow on this policy.

PLEASE NOTE:  As you will hear again and again, MYTF is an **ALL VOLUNTEER** organization.  To be able to conduct effective practices for this many children and give you multiple options during the week, we will need people willing to commit to helping as assistant coaches.  Ideally, we would have two assistant coaches for EACH practice season (i.e., 12 total), but if you are able to commit to running two or more practices each week, we may be able to get by with fewer.  This assistance is imperative; without sufficient assistant coaches, we will NOT be able to maintain this schedule, so PLEASE thoughtfully consider whether you can help out this season as an assistant coach, for one practice a week, as well as helping your age group at Meets.  Track and/or coaching experience is ideal but by no means necessary; willingness and commitment are our only requirements - we provide all the tools you'll need.  (And did we mention that you can have all your kids in a single practice session if you coach?)


All Meets are back on SUNDAY afternoons this season, at Falls Church High School for Track & Field and (we hope) Clarks Crossing for Cross-Country.  Please know that the following schedule is TENTATIVE, as we are still waiting for our Clarks Crossing permit to be secured, but the proposed schedule for Meets this season is as follows:

September 13th - 1:00 pm:  Orientation Track & Field Meet (Falls Church High School)

Sept. 20th - 1:00 pm:  Track & Field Meet (FCHS)

Sept. 27th - 2:00 pm:  Cross-country (Clarks Crossing Park in Vienna)

October 4th - 1:00:  Track & Field (FCHS)

October 11th - COLUMBUS DAY HOLIDAY (no Meet/prospective makeup weekend)

Oct. 18th - 2:00 pm:  Cross-country (Clarks Crossing)

Oct. 25th - 2:00 pm:  Cross-country (Clarks Crossing)

Nov. 1st - 1:00 pm:  Track & Field/Family Fun Meet (FCHS)


Registration Details


As noted above,  Registration will go live at 9:00 am this coming Saturday, August 1st.  You will not see the Registration button or menu on our website prior to that time, but please be assured that it will appear at 9:00 am once the system opens.  We have had some technological issues in the past where it hasn’t switched on as planned; please know that if/when that happens, we are in a mad scramble to get it fixed as quickly as possible, and we usually have it corrected within 5-10 minutes, so please be patient and keep refreshing your page every few minutes.   

Regardless of whether or not we are full, Registration will close on Saturday, August 22nd at midnight.  Because of the need to establish the rosters for the County, to order supplies, prepare materials for the season, etc., MYTF does not accept late registrations.  Please note that while we don't *typically* fill up in the Fall, we came really close last year, so please plan to register as early in the window as you able.  If we do fill up before the 22nd, we will keep a waitlist, but cannot guarantee a spot will open up.  Waitlisted participants will be informed no later than Friday, September 4th, if they have been moved to a rostered position; so that we can submit a final roster to the County prior to starting, we will not make any additions to the roster after September 4th.


  • Once Registration is live, you will see both a “Register NOW” button and a lefthand-side Menu option for a “Registration” page on the main homepage for  Click either to get to the Registration page.

  • If you already have an account with MYTF, you’ll use that same login and password.  If you have a child in another McLean Youth Athletics sport that also uses the League Athletics website (including basketball, volleyball, rugby, and flag football), it is the SAME login and password.  If you do not remember your password, you can request a reset (it is automated, and should occur within a few minutes).  If you do not remember your login, please email   to request a full reset of your account, but please know that it may take several minutes (or more!) to process.

  • If you do NOT already have an account, it only takes a quick minute to sign up, so please don’t be panicked that it will somehow slow down your registration such that you miss out on getting a space.  Unfortunately, you cannot create an account on the site UNTIL Registration goes live, but again, it is a very quick and simple process.

  • Registration is open to children who are will be at least 5 years old as of September 30th, 2015 (in line with FCPS school enrollment policy) and no older than age 13/in 8th grade this year.  Birthdates MUST be between November 2, 2000 and September 30, 2010.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Please register ALL siblings who intend to participate in MYTF.  ONLY registered, rostered athletes are allowed on the Track or Field during the season at both practices and Meets, and we cannot make accommodations to add siblings after registration is full or closed, so please register all your kids at once if more than one will be interested in running this season.

  • You MUST pay registration fees electronically by credit card (i.e., no checks), and it is preferred that you pay at the time of registration.  Due to the high demand for space on our roster in past seasons, MYTF policy is that if you have registered but not paid within 48 hours, you will be notified and given 24 additional hours to pay, after which point any unpaid registrations will be deleted from the system.  


  • If we do fill all spaces prior to the close of registration and you are waitlisted:  you do NOT have to pay registration fees until or unless you are moved to a rostered position (i.e., taken off the waitlist). Once you are notified that you have been moved from the waitlist to the roster, you will have 48 hours to pay the registration fees, after which point any unpaid registrations are forfeited and we will move to the next child(ren) on the waitlist.

  • Registration fees will increase slightly for this season.  Due to increases in fees we pay to the County, and the ever-rising cost of supplies, fees will go up slightly this season, but will still include a sibling discount.  Fees are $50 for the first child registered, $40 for the first sibling (second child in a family) registered, and $30 for any additional siblings.

  • Refund requests MUST be made prior to the closing of registration on August 22nd.  You may decide to withdraw your child(ren) from MYTF for any reason at any point during the season, but registration fees will not be refunded unless the withdrawal request is made prior to midnight on Saturday, August 22nd. Refund requests MUST be emailed to  ; please include "refund request" in the subject line.  We will not honor any refund requests made after August 22nd, although you are certainly able to withdraw at any time during the season.  This is in keeping with most other area sports leagues’ policies.  Due to the rush of activity in preparing for the season, we will not process refund requests until the season is underway, but as long as your request is made prior to the deadline, you should expect to see the fees refunded to your credit card by the end of September.

  • There are NO early registrations (NO exceptions!), so please don’t email us asking if you can register early since you’ll be out of town or otherwise unavailable.  If we permitted it, everyone would ask for that option!  Please make arrangements with a neighbor or friend to do registration for you if you will be unavailable this weekend.  Please make sure that anyone doing registration has your child(ren)’s full name and correct birthdate, and parent contact info available.

  • Finally, please understand that while we do monitor Registration live, there is ONE person handling ALL troubleshooting, so please be patient as we handle the multitude of questions and snafus that need to be worked through come 9:00 am.  We will get to you, we will do it as quickly as we can, we have never sold out in the first hour so you’re probably going to be fine, and if not, we will most likely make an accommodation for you if we can’t fix you immediately, so please don’t panic.  ;)


As always, PLEASE feel free to email us here at    (or using the contact link on our website,  We are happy to answer whatever we can!  We will also continue to provide updates about the season and schedule as we are able, and we make every effort to make that information available through both email and the website, now and throughout the season.

Thank you for patiently wading through all of that information, and we are genuinely excited to see everyone for the Fall 2015 season!

Director & Head Coach Katherine Quinn, and

Mickey Skelton, Administrator

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