McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.
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McLean Youth Track and Field is an all-volunteer organization that provides opportunities for Northern Virginia kids ages 5 through 8th grade (13/14) to develop skills competing in track, field, and cross-country running.  Our aim is to help our kids develop a love for running, the respect of sportsmanship, and an appreciation for the sport. We focus on "house" events and encourage all of our athletes to strive for personal improvement. 


MYTF Families,
We are ON for today’s (10/4) Meet at Falls Church HS!  We do want to let everyone know that with this weather, we expect a lower-than-normal turnout; combined with the possibility that we will not be able to do field events*, we expect to run a bit ahead of schedule today.  So, we’ll begin with the 5-8 runners at 1:30 as announced on Friday, but if at all possible, we would like the 9 & up group to plan to arrive at 3:00 for warmups, so that they are ready to begin as soon as we finish with the younger group, hopefully promptly at 3:15.  (But yes, we know we told you to arrive at 3:30 and you may have other plans, so - just this once - we will make some accommodations for latecomers who may miss the earliest heats to be able to run out of turn.)  *Field events will ultimately be a “game-time” decision, but we hope to be able to do at least one of them today.  Conditions will dictate that, especially since the chance of rain today seems greatest in the 12:00 noon hour.
PLEASE REMEMBER TO DRESS APPROPRIATELY FOR THE WEATHER!  Runners should dress in light layers that can easily be removed one at a time as they get warm from running, and reapplied while resting between events.  Hats are fine if it’s raining, but do make it harder to run fast (so they’re better for distance runs than sprints).  And don’t forget those water bottles - runners still need hydration, even when it's cold!
Thank you all in advance for your patience today, and we look forward to seeing you on the Track!
Coach & Mickey


Fall 2015 Registration is now CLOSED.  For many reasons, MYTF does NOT accept late registrations.  Please feel free to peruse our "Other Meets/Clubs" page for other local, non-MYTF events that are open to public participation.  We update that page throughout the season as we become aware of other running events in the area.


For our registered participants:

MYTF Families,
A friendly little reminder or two... 
Our first "official" Track and Field meet will be this Sunday, September 20, at Falls Church HS and will follow our split meet format:
5 - 8 year olds report at 1:00 PM
9 and up report at 3:00 PM
In addition to the field events (turbojav and long jump), runners may choose up to three  (3)  of the following four events:   100M, 400M, 200M, 1600M (in this order for 8 and under; 9 and up will run the 1600 first, then 100, 400, 200).  You do not need to sign up in advance, and once you have completed your events you are free to go.
We will start with warm-ups on the field just after 1:00  for the 5-8s, and around 3/3:15 for the older kids, depending on when the younger groups finishes . We'll break them up into age-specific groups to begin either running or field events. As you have seen, there is a lot going on at once , so it's important that the kids listen closely for their age group to be called to each event. As a courtesy, we announce First Call, Second Call, and Final Call for each event. Once an event has started, we cannot guarantee that latecomers will be allowed to participate, so please remind your kids to pay attention and ask a coach for assistance if needed; w e will have plenty of coaches and volunteers on the track to assist them at all times.  Also, i f they are not currently competing in a running or field event they should be in the stands with you and not on the infield.
Note: your chil d 's age *as of the first day of practice* is the age we use for the entirety of the season, and is reflected on their bib number (576 is a 5 year old, 1027 is a 10 year old, etc). So even if your child turned 7 last week, they need to report when 6 year olds are called. We know that it can be a little confusing for the younger kids - and please reassure them that we don't still think they are 6! - but we use the same bibs throughout the season and it's important for timing and results that the kids understand.  If you have a bib that starts with something wildly different than your child's age - please let us know ASAP so we can get it corrected, because coaches use bib numbers as guidelines for who should be where during a Meet.
Please remember to bring your race bib, water, and  sunscreen, and be sure to check that you have collected your water bottles, trash, and any other personal items before leaving the track.  Please note that only water is permitted "inside the fence" because of the turf field, so fill those bottles with water, or keep the Gatorade/juice/etc. - and yes, even parent coffees - in the stands. 
Veterans of MYTF know that we issue ribbons for Track & Field events.  Ribbons will be awarded beginning with this week's Meet, and will be available for pick up at the following week's Meet.
A huge thanks to everyone for your help in making the Orientation Meet run smoothly. We appreciate your patience as we dealt with the scheduling delay, and your cooperation in remaining outside the fence unless you were volunteering.  And we *really* appreciate all of you that gave us your time as volunteers.
As always, let us know if you have questions, SIGN UP to volunteer if you haven't already, and come ready to cheer! We'll see you Sunday!
Coach Katherine and Mickey



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